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“An ideal bathroom should be able to evoke a pleasant mood, and create a relaxing atmosphere To help people recharge from the day.”
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During the past decades of experince working onoversea projects, we keep on collecting infomation and resources of sanitary wares products , And In Year 2020 we determined to expand our business to supplying professional one-stop bathroom wares solutions and that’s why we create 3NITY.  
We aim to integrate the excellent sanitary wares factories in China and offer a one stop cost-optimized solution.


“Furniture is particularly important in a bathroom. The wooden surface made of high-quality white oak or mahogany gives the bathroom a sense of warmth and character. The new generation of eco-friendly stainless steel boards not only look stunning but are durable, as well as 100% moisture-proof and water-resistant. Cost-effective melamine panels are available in a wide range of designs, and their elegant appearance and excellent performance are very popular nowadays.”

Four Materials Cabinets Options

Solid Wood
Melamine Boards
Stainless Steel
Sintered Stone

Products Gallery

Solid Wood
Melamine Board
Stainless Steel
Sintered Stone

More Countertops Options

More Wash Basin Options


More Mirrors Options

“As an important appliance in the bathroom, mirrors should be practical and functional in addition to the main purpose. At 3nity, you can find not only round, square and irregular shaped mirrors, but also some smart mirrors with multiple functions such as storage space, LED lights and connected devices.”
“ Faucets are the most used appliances in bathroom & kitchen. When purchasing faucets, you should focus on 5 key parts: material, aerator, cartridge, chrome plating details and flexible hose. At 3nity, quality is strictly monitored at every stage of production.”
“egant and exquisite bathroom is embodied in every detail, such as a wastebasket, soap dish, tissue box, lotion dispenser, tumbler and toothbrush holder and so on. 
3nity select high-quality bathroom hardware accessories, pursuing concise and modern design.”
WIFi Ceramics is a professional tile manufacturer with 25 years of experience, a broad selection of tiles are available here. Our range is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. To tackle the impact of COVID-19, WIFi collaborated with brotherly factories to bring in more ranges, including the mosaic, Sintered Stone, and accessories. We have an excellent product, professional sales, and technical team, if you are interested in our products and services, we are looking forward to your online message or call to consult.

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