Apartment In Thailand

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Project Name: Thailand's apartment

Product Specified: Sandstone and Travertine


It's located near the Thailand's busy business district and contains 560 living units.

Outdoor floor tiles


The client is a local engineering contractor, and all the materials and furniture of the apartment are standardized. This time, we mainly need matching outdoor floor tiles and exterior wall tiles. The client's budget is limited and he also has the requirements of quality and design. It is hard to find the suitable one in China's current supply chain.

Canteen flooring


We consider that what our customers want is the design imitating sandstone and travertine, which are popular in Southeast Asia. We have produced similar designs ourselves, so we recommand WIFi sandstone tile. And the number of customers' demands can meet our OEM requirements for optimal cost. 

 Exterior wall tiles

If we use ordinary low water absorption body, with non-slip surface dry granule (grip) process, the final finished product can be up to 85% - 95% of customer requirements and can also be effective cost savings. After several rounds of sample sending and confirmation with the customer, the customer finally chose to cooperate with us to complete the site.

sandstone and travertine tile


It is tortuous to get the project, Because it involves precise production cost control because it is OEM who spent a lot of time in communication design and materials, we are always based on customer demand, contrast the several factories after enterprise of similar products, we constantly seek for optimal solutions and make customers feel we have been together with him in the effort, the results we did also with good quality for the customer saving a lot of effort and cost.

WIFi Ceramics is a professional tile manufacturer with 25 years of experience, a broad selection of tiles are available here. Our range is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. To tackle the impact of COVID-19, WIFi collaborated with brotherly factories to bring in more ranges, including the mosaic, Sintered Stone, and accessories. We have an excellent product, professional sales, and technical team, if you are interested in our products and services, we are looking forward to your online message or call to consult.

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