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Project Name: Mr. Liu and Sunny From Guangzhou

Project Date: October 7, 2018

Type of Project: Home decoration

Flooring Project Size: 120sqm

Shower ceramic tile

Project Specified


Item No.:  A6014 ,CVL604,CVL604S,CLT600,CLT603,CLT608,TRP912

Size:600*600 mm, 300*300MM, 300*600MM, 150*900MM

Ceramic tile for balcony wall & floor

Project Description

This is the new house that Mr. Liu and Sunny are going to live in after they get married in Guangzhou, China. The common pursuit to contracted and not simple style makes them consistent choice of Vifan ceramic tile. After they had measured the size, they began to pick out the styles.

Choose 150*900MM wood-grain bricks for the bedroom. Warm and soft colors make people feel light and comfortable. The wood grain brick with light color, meticulous grain, give a person with open feeling, it also makes smaller rooms seem more spacious.

CHARLOTTE series is chosen for the toilet, with rich colors, triangular shape and mixed paving as the background wall, which is fashionable and simple. The toilet uses CVL604S small square flower pieces to match the ground CVL604, with the same tone and full personality. Balcony wall ground chooses a color A6014, Visually, it is more spacious.

When the decoration was finished, they were very satisfied. This is the kind of warm, comfortable home they want.

Bedroom floor tile

Wish everyone can dress up every corner of the house according to their own idea, because the home is the comfort after turbulence, there are warm words of loved ones. Home is a place where we can rest after a busy day, which is filled with lover's lingering eyes. It has to be comfortable,it has to be caring. Love your home and find the beauty of life.

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