Villa project in Thailand Koh Samui

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Project name: Villa project in Thailand Koh Samui

Project Location: Koh Samui

Product Specified: SINTERED SLAB

Size: 1600*3200mm

Keshamei island is the third largest island in Thailand, only second to Bukit and kaechang. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand. The dagger shaped island is located off the coast of the quiet Luo Yong house. It is famous for its sun bleached coastline, where cream white sand dunes meander along the coastline in the shape of lotus leaves.


Sintered stone stairs cladding

Adhering to the ecological principle, the designer fully considers the natural environment protection and cultural characteristics of the island in the early stage of planning and design.


Sintered stone for indoor design

Therefore, all the supporting materials of the villa are environment-friendly materials, especially the large-scale sintered stone plate is selected for the ground and wall surface. Optimize every natural raw material, the finished product looks like stone, better than stone. Product texture elegant, simple and generous. It is not only beautiful, but also green and environmentally friendly, with high cost performance.

Sintered stone for floor & wall surface

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