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What are the Characteristics of the Ceramic Tile in the Park?

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When it comes to tiling outdoor patios, interior flooring, designing buildings & commercial areas like parks; the traditional ceramic tiles are very handy & exist in different forms, shapes, colours, designs & patterns. All these qualities give aesthetic looks.

Ceramic tiles price depend upon their types. However, one general characteristic of the ceramic tiles is that they are refractory. A large number of ceramic tile manufacturers are available in the market.

1) Properties of Ceramic Tiles

  • Strength: Due to the high melting points of ceramics, they can withstand heat & are reliable for outdoor purposes.

  • Durability: Long lasting & wear-resistant. This makes them more preferable than other flooring alternatives.

  • Water Absorbing: They are full of pores & hence absorb a large amount of water.  

  • Frost Resistance: As ceramic tiles absorb water excessively, these have a low frost resistance.

  • Stain Resistance: These, in general, are the most stain-resisting than their counterparts. Also, any prevailing stain can be effortlessly removed. 

  • Colour Permanence: Colors in ceramic tiles remain impervious when exposed to UV light of the sun; unlike colours of other coloured materials which fade away after they are left in sunlight for long. This helps to ensure that these can be reliable for a lifetime. 

  • Chemically Inactive: As they are inert, they are highly unreactive with acids & alkalis.

  • Fire Resistance: Absolutely incombustible at every temperature. Nor do they expel toxic gases, fumes & smoke during a fire. Also, their surfaces remain unaltered when a fire is burned. 

  • Slip Resistivity: Unglazed ceramic tiles are immune to slipping or skidding away. Passers-by can easily amble on these tiles without risking to trip. 

  • Hygiene: Ceramic tiles do not accumulate residues or retain fluids, so this helps to keep the environment clean & healthy. 

2) Tiles used in Parks

Quarry tiles are strong & firm. Perform well when used for outdoor flooring. Its durability allows it to be used in outdoor pavements. Quarry tiles possess all properties that ceramics have in general. This makes them the best choice for exterior tiling, especially in parks & playgrounds. These tiles are specially created for courtyards & other outdoor spaces. 


3) Benefits

Prime benefits of these tiles are their strength, durability & the intrinsic nature of not losing colours when exposed in the sun. 

The properties above, together with the rest, make them more sought-after & puts these ceramic tiles for sale than their other alternatives. These are commonly seen in parks as jogging tracks or walkways. These come in different textures but have majorly the same colour range giving mediterranean looks. 

4) Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers 

Mohawk industries in America, SCG of Thailand, Lamosa of Mexico & Portobello from Brazil are one of the big names of ceramic tile manufacturers in the world.      


5) Some other Types of Ceramic Tiles & Uses

  • Terracotta: Hard & unglazed clay; usually found in brick red colour. Can be used in both indoor & outdoor flooring.  

  • Porcelain: Water-resistant. Mostly preferred for interior flooring. 

  • Mosaics: Highly resistant to water & moisture. That's why these are used in bathroom flooring & showers.